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Neta Snook is a B-Corp. whose mission is to help organizations learn to practice human-centered principles. We engage our clients in a virtuous cycle of exploration, experimentation and evaluation to achieve their goals.
Working With Us
We move fast towards practical ideals that enable our clients to connect big vision with concrete action. We especially enjoy tackling tough problems where positive outcomes will benefit many, but we're motivated by important issues at any scale.
Our Human-Centered Process
We structure every project to build knowledge, maximize impact and create consensus about how to move forward. We apply a cyclic three phase process, tailoring our approach to meet any organization's challenge.
First we use social science to develop an understanding of the human systems in and around your business.
Next we design and implement interventions drawing on what we've learned to help you achieve your goals.
Finally we draw data driven conclusions to measure the impact of our action and inform your future roadmap.
What We Create For You
The deliverables we produce are chosen to support the needs of your project. We have in-house ability to design a wide range of interventions to help you understand human behavior, plan and execute tailored strategies, and build the tools you'll need to harness human ingenuity.
Ethnographic Experiences
From richly detailed portraits of your customers to hands-on workshops training your team in human-centered techniques, we offer a range of approaches that impart the benefits of ethnography and increase empathy in your organization.
Strategies & Plans
With the capability to address any aspect of your business, from marketing to product development, we provide organizations with a variety of bespoke tools including operations plans, strategy guidelines and technical handbooks.
Products & Resources
Informed implementation is at the heart of our process. We help you understand what your business actually needs, be it marketing campaign assets, a brand identity package or a prototype application, and then we build a solid foundation to get you going.
Roadmap Analyses
Skilled in both quantitative and qualitative analysis of data, whether from our interventions or yours, we assist in organizational planning by drafting timelines, roadmaps and milestone objectives to operationalize the results of those reflections.
Our Guiding Values
As a benefit corporation, we take integrity seriously. Five core principles guide everything that we do. We stand by our promise to uphold these values, and we expect our collaborators to do the same.
1. Open Reflection
We prioritize knowledge creation and a continual, collective reevaluation of the status quo.
2. Personal Responsibility
We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and always honor the commitments we make.
3. Creative Efficiency
We invent unexpected solutions by reimagining, redefining and recombining problems.
4. Constructive Compassion
We design, develop and do helpful things in a well-meaning and respectful way.
5. Wholistic Sustainability
We strive to close loops and eliminate waste in our social, technological and environmental systems.
Clients Like You
We work with companies who want to make strides improving the social, technological and environmental systems that affect life on our planet at any scale. From startups that are maturing to non-profits with motivated management to intraprenuers making change in large corporations, our clients all share an eagerness to roll up their sleeves and make progress on a long term vision.
Contact Us
If you have a problem you'd like to discuss, send a note to [email protected] and we'll set up an appointment.
Our Founders
With vastly different backgrounds, our complementary skillsets and tandem approach to problem-solving make for a strong and happy collaboration.
Formerly Executive Director of Public Radio BizLab out of WBUR 90.9 Boston's NPR Station. Meg applies skills developed during 14 years as creative director of a global ad agency to the real-world challenges facing people and organizations. Honored for her efforts in societal sustainability as an Aspen Institute First Movers Fellow, Meg's work has also received numerous industry awards from the Emmys, Cannes, the Clios, the One Show, the Effies and Communication Arts Magazine.
Tech inventor, ethnographer and entrepreneur with a PhD in Information and Computer Science. In addition to over 15 years of research in public radio, home automation, music discovery, urban mobility, interactive toys, supercomputing and cancer treatment, she also brings real experience from the startup world. Having lead several companies with former investors like Joi Ito & Deutsche Telekom, Johanna has been vetted by the industry as a capable business leader.
Our Namesake
Neta Snook
Neta Snook was a pioneer aviator who accomplished many firsts, including being both the first female flier to run her own aviation business as well as the first to manage a commercial airfield. As an accomplished aviation instructor, Neta Snook is perhaps most remembered for teaching Amelia Earhart to fly. Inspired by her intrepid, generous spirit, we named our company after Neta Snook because we too want to help our clients take flight.