Neta Snook is a  research & design studio
Creating new media and technologies for a diverse society.
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About Us
We blend experienced creativity with scientific integrity.
Driven by a desire to affect positive social change, Meg Siegal & Johanna Brewer founded Neta Snook in 2016.

As a former creative director at a global ad agency and serial intrapreneur, Meg wanted to establish her own organization focused on making media to better serve the needs of society. Johanna, having led a series of tech startups after completing a PhD in Information & Computer Science, was eager to found a company to improve inclusivity on mobile media platforms.

Though they came from very different backgrounds, Meg & Johanna's paths eventually crossed at an NPR station, where they found that their complementary skill sets and tandem approach to problem-solving made for a healthy collaboration. They've been working together for the greater good ever since.
What We Do
User Research
Ethnographic studies amplify the voices of users. We engage people in experiences that foster empathy to ground future plans in real world observations.
Brand Strategy
Clear visions positively influence people's decisions. We refine core principles and define roadmaps to align external communications with internal business operations.
Marketing & Communications
Consistency and coordination are essential for effective messaging. We streamline standards and define plans that enable brand managers to work from shared guidelines.
Interaction Design
Meaningful user experience comes from human-centered design. We facilitate innovation brainstorms and prototype experimental products that reshape mobile media platforms.
Visuals & Creative
Imaginative media embodies the intangible. We produce comprehensive campaigns using video, audio, copywriting, editorial and graphic assets that appeal to the senses.
Data Science
Deciding what to measure can be as hard as interpreting the results. We identify concrete KPIs and track progress towards goals by constantly visualizing and analyzing the data.
Recent Work
We design independent research projects and consult for a range clients.
Food Rainbow
Inspiring critical thinking about what we choose to eat through at-a-glance nutrition information.
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Inclusive Spaces in Online Gaming
Studying how marginalized folks and allies create safe communities while streaming.
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Sustainability Champions
Raising the bar for a maturing startup with an in-depth customer spotlight campaign.
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Communications Planning
Aligning the work of brand stewards across an organization by laying out a cohesive strategy.
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Media Audience Research
Groundbreaking study of public radio listeners led by a team of journalists under our guidance.
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Experimental Podcast
Delivering an award-winning audio experience that supports different paces of listening.
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Public Radio Dashboard
Funneling crucial station data into a shared interface to increase organizational transparency.
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How We Work
We target practical ideals to quickly connect big vision with concrete action.
Our Approach
Human-centered design principles inform every step of our process from kickoff to completion. All of our projects are structured to build knowledge, maximize impact and create consensus in the community they involve. We especially enjoy tackling tough problems where positive outcomes will benefit many, but we're motivated by important issues at any scale.
Contact Us
If you'd like to learn more about our work, or hire us to work with you, send us an email.

Let's explore the possibilities: [email protected].
Our Guiding Values
As a benefit corporation, we take integrity seriously. Five core principles guide everything that we do. We stand by our promise to uphold these values, and we expect our collaborators to do the same.
Open Reflection
We prioritize knowledge creation and a continual, collective reevaluation of the status quo.
Personal Responsibility
We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and always honor the commitments we make.
Constructive Compassion
We design, develop and do helpful things in a well-meaning and respectful way.
Creative Efficiency
We invent unexpected solutions by reimagining, redefining and recombining problems.
Holistic Sustainability
We strive to close loops and eliminate waste in our social, technological and environmental systems.
Contact Us
If you'd like to learn more about our work, or hire us to work with you, send us an email.

Let's explore the possibilities: [email protected].
Neta Snook
Our Namesake
Neta Snook was a pioneer aviator who accomplished many firsts, including being both the first female flier to run her own aviation business as well as the first to manage a commercial airfield. As an accomplished aviation instructor, Neta Snook is perhaps most remembered for teaching Amelia Earhart to fly. Inspired by her intrepid, generous spirit, we named our company after Neta Snook because we too want to help others take flight.