Communications Planning
Aligning the work of brand stewards across an organization by laying out a cohesive strategy.
A Tailor-Made Roadmap
A rapidly maturing startup was facing the operational pains of growth. Without a formal communications strategy, marketing and sales personnel were operating from different playbooks. We helped them to clarify communications standards and streamline marketing practices by creating a plan that linked corporate strategy with brand attributes and mapped messages across touchpoints.
Targeted Personas & Sectors
By working closely with customers, the founding team had developed an intuitive understanding of what made their users tick. To formalize that intuition and make it available to new hires, we conducted an ethnographic study of key team members to gather their vast customer knowledge.

We synthesized this information into a set of four personas and sectors everyone in the organization could use to build empathy for their current and potential users, and ensure they were developing the brand and business for the same consumers.
Comms Plan Personas
Channel by Channel Guidance
After creating a simple framework to understand their audience, we identified clear objectives for the marketing team to work towards together.

Collaborating with their team to survey existing channels, we developed a thorough guide to break down the streamlined strategy by giving clear instructions and examples of how to apply it to every communication medium they were utilizing.
Comms Plan Channels on Monitor