Sustainability Champions
Raising the bar for a maturing startup with an in-depth customer spotlight campaign.
A User-Driven Narrative
Measurabl, a sustainability startup, was getting ready to close a big financing round when they approached us for assistance. Their team had built an intuitive and powerful product, but they were struggling to create high quality communications content. And though they knew their customers well, they had never conducted any formal studies of what was driving product adoption.
Putting the Brief into Production
The Measurabl team wanted to show the world how their product had become a mature offering trusted by well-known companies. Surveying the marketing in the industry, we noted a lack of in-depth stories from the leaders in sustainability management. Seeing the clear opportunity to distinguish their brand, we produced a customer spotlight campaign, a series of media profiles featuring six of Measurabl's most notable clients and collaborators.
Working with Measurabl
Distilling Insights to Create Episodes
Working together with Los Angeles-based BRONTOSAURUS! we filmed a sequence of ethnographic interviews on location, analyzed the results, and created a collection of short videos accompanied by in-depth journalistic articles. This approach enabled us to identify what drives the sustainability professionals who use Measurabl and capture those authentic insights in high-definition.
Production Crew in Balboa Park
Ep1: Speak the Language of Change
Patrick Flynn, Senior Director of Sustainability at Salesforce, is one of the most knowledgeable people in the field when it comes to understanding how to take care of his team by providing the tools they need. He also talks decarbonizing the electric grid, breaking their own net-zero GHG goals by 33 years, and why “Measurabl is like a secret weapon for the Sustainability Manager.”
Ep2: Remember Small Actions Add Up
Natasha Tuck, Senior Sustainability Manager at VMware, has unleashed a global team of sustainability managers who have been instrumental in VMware’s effort to help its customers avoid 415 metric tons of carbon. “When we started with Measurabl, I was the only user. Now there are 57 of us, and the CDP reporting process is far more efficient.”
Ep3: Say Yes to Everything Interesting
Cody Hooven, Chief Sustainability Officer of San Diego, is the self-proclaimed “quarterback for the city” on their Climate Action Plan. She describes her diverse workload that enables her to guide policies fostering innovation around sustainability in her city, and explains how Measurabl is creating jobs and providing a service that other companies need.
Ep4: Be Confident in Your Impact
Roxana Isaiu, Director of Real Estate at GRESB, embraces her global mobility to help investors share knowledge about new ways that non-financial data is material to business. Her unique perspective gives us a view into how corporate behavior change becomes possible and why Measurabl can help organizations adopt ESG strategies.
Ep5: Get the Easy Wins
Ben Myers, Director of Sustainability for Boston Properties, explains why he believes we are in “the most exciting time for any sustainability real estate practitioner to be in the industry.” Boston Properties is a role model for developing high performance buildings like Salesforce Tower and 888 Boylston. Read on to learn how Measurabl helps him to get the easy wins.
Ep6: Rise to the Challenge of Leadership
Dave Pogue, Global Director of Corporate Responsibility for CBRE, has defined what it means to be a leader in the sustainability field. He shares how an academic study set CBRE on a long-term trajectory of innovation, plus a few words of advice for those who have the capacity to step into leadership.